Small Hydro

Small hydro power systems derive energy from moving water and generate it into useable electricity for a variety of projects which conduct up to 25 MW of energy by Canadian standard. Small hydro projects are dependent upon a reliable resource of running water to remain effective, but this is fast becoming an adaptable component to energy conversion endeavors.  Fabrication specialists can be consulted for these improvements or for repairs and refurbishments.

Small hydro systems are widely used in the mining and processing industries. These may employ the uses of steam powered machinery, or of water transport systems. Waste water, boilers, and water coolers are systems classified under small hydro and large hydro equipment. Other systems use hydro energy to power machinery, using natural resources that are renewable, clean, and safe rather than harmful gases and rapidly receding resources. Small hydro systems may power some hoists or other machinery components, relieving portions of the machinery from reliance upon traditional fuel systems.

High Definition of a Small Hydro Runner Refurbish 

Maintenance and refurbishment of small hydropower machinery

Canadian and other global manufacturers support and maintain existing machinery, providing refurbishment and maintenance services to update production. Small hydro systems have lower maintenance and operation costs in comparison to larger scale production machines, so it is possible save clients a great deal of money and time with skilled teams of professionals. Canadian manufacturers widely promote accessible small hydro systems as they are non-polluting and release no harmful gases into the atmosphere or environment. Small hydro systems have absolutely no fuel costs, and derive their energy entirely from the running water resource nearest to the machine. Small hydro systems also feature an impressive flexibility in useful production techniques which require far less maintenance than their large scale counterparts.

Maintenance of small hydro machinery is simple compared with larger industrial machinery. These machines require limited maintenance procedures as they are incredibly self-sufficient. Still, routine checks on machinery components and mechanisms are appropriate to assure that the small hydro machinery is not overlooked in routine maintenance procedures. Production losses can be costly for the processing plant or manufacturer. These costs are easily avoided with routine procedures and compliance with governing standards for small hydro equipment.

Small Hydro equipment High Definition image 


The future of small hydro power

Small hydro power is fast becoming the future for derived energy projects in regions of the world that are committed to environmental and economic conservation. Small hydro power holds great promise for the future of traditionally powered projects, and is positioned to increase productivity for companies who convert or combine their current resources to hydraulically fueled equipment.

Small hydro projects are of extreme importance for our global and local communities. They open doors  which reduce our reliance on traditional, harmful fuel systems and create opportunity for resource expansion. North American manufacturers provide the highest quality small hydro service to manufacturing clients and community.