Personalized Technical Support


­Achieving diverse manufacturing projects provides us with the knowledge to review an equipment design prior to production to make sure every option that may improve costs, sequence or welding methods have been identified.

May it be for new or used equipment we have uncommon expertise to fully assess the scope of work. Let our technical advisors and inspectors identify and document the damage observed and they will help you make an informed decision, even choosing between repairing and replacing.


To every entrusted mandate we assign an experienced project manager. His role is to ensure the customer relationship throughout the project. He oversees to the smooth running of each stage: collects and transmits information from both sides, keeps track of the work, makes sure that quality standards are met and the product is delivered to the customer on time and in place as required on schedule.

By assigning a single project manager to the client, we attain three goals: develop a product expertise; ensure continuity and a relationship between the project manager and the customer.