Sustainable Development

A sustainable development policy, in force since September 2009, now oversees the company’s activities whose policy priorities are:

  • Improve the energy efficiency of buildings 
  • Reduce the environmental footprint by recycling waste 
  • Educate its employees and partners to adopt responsible behaviour 
  • Have a social commitment to the community with local organizations 

A committee was set up to support the management of the various projects connected with the sustainable development. Here are some initiatives:

  • Installation of a solar heating system*;
  • Certification ICI, On recycle, level 2;
  • Certification Green Building;
  • Recycling of our printer cartridges in collaboration with Mira foundation.

These initiatives allowed us to obtain a recognition in sustainable development awarded by the city of Trois-Rivières.

*This system so-called "collector wall" preheats outside air before transfer into the plant by the ventilation system. In total, more than 2,325 m2 (25,050 sq.ft.) of the factory walls exposed on south and southwest sides are used to recover this heat. In addition to the savings in heating, this allowed us to reduce over 325 tonnes of our CO2 emissions.