It is in 1889 that the first cast by Canada Iron Foundry in Trois-Rivières was poured. The mechanical division, ancestor of FAB 3R, is added in 1908 to support the activities of the foundry then in service. In 1970, it became Canron and the company then marketed its own line of products for the pulp & paper market. All plant operations were focused on the manufacturing of Canron equipment. In 1989, upon the acquisition by Groupe Laperriere & Verreault (now GLV), the shop changed its name to Fabron and remains very active in the world of pulp & paper. In 1993 the company became GL&V Fabrication. A diversification of activities taking place then, led to current offers.

In Novembre 2013, three leaders of GL&V Canada inc., Fabrication division acquired the division's assets and created FAB 3R. To date, FAB 3R maintains the plant's vocation and remains one of the largest North American manufacturers specializing in machining, fabrication and mechanical assembly of heavy equipement and large industrial components.