Chip Meter

Pulp and paper chip meters play an important role in the paper making process. Belt conveyor systems typically are the modern regulators for chip transport in processing. Belt conveyors use less energy than powered belt conveyors. Pulp and paper chip meters take readings from these conveyors in a variety of ways. Upgrades from traditional or less fuel efficient power conveyors can be costly, but they are well worth the investment in pulp and paper chip meter reading, fuel, maintenance, and other costs associated with these systems.

Pulp and paper chip meters might measure the thickness of chips through an automatic screening process. Other energy efficient pulp and paper chip meter systems include bar-type chip screens. Chip conditioning systems are also regulated by pulp and paper chip meter systems and typically involve the least amount of chemical pulp processing, saving on machinery wear and tear costs.

Pulp and paper chip meters serve the precise purpose of reducing the opportunities for machines to become congested in the digester or other pulp process stages. These meters release a regulated amount of tested chips into the machinery for processing, reducing the potential clogging of material that is prone to happen without regulation. The pulp and paper chip meter machine parts that are regularly serviced by the professionals in the Canadian paper manufacturing industry keep their chip feeding machines in pristine running order for optimal production.

Paper mill owners understand the importance of keeping a record of material processing and output. Pulp and paper chip meter systems save the company money by regulating material, allowing for accurate cost analysis and budget implementation. These meters can literally save the company thousands per year in that aspect alone. Pulp and paper chip meter equipment must be regularly checked for accuracy since the functioning of the entire machine is dependent upon the accurate regulation of the parts. The chips must be regulated properly to assure that accurate pulp recipes are applied. Pulp and paper chip meter systems are crucial to the running of the paper mill production in several aspects.

 Cost regulation, material handling regulation, and reduction of human error are all very important factors of running a successful paper mill. In the Canadian manufacturing and paper mill markets, clients entrust this process to professionals with complete faith in excellent experience and services.

Whether standard systems are kept running in pristine order, or older systems are adapted for greater capabilities, pulp and paper chip meters that are serviced by the professionals in the paper mill industry. Paper production requires a great attention to detail in even the largest machines in the factory.