National Board R-STAMP Authorized Certification

National Board R-STAMP Authorized Certification to FAB 3R


More information on the R-STAMP Certification

The R-Stamp Certificate of Authorization applies to repaired machinery, particularly that which has undergone metallic repairs and equipment refurbishment. R-Stamp Certificate of Authorization is provided by ASME and assures clients and machine operators that repaired machinery is able to function at optimal capability. Industrial steel is often used to repair parts or components of mining equipment, which is subject to a great deal of wear and tear in the line of mining machinery tasks. Mining equipment is often in need of repair since it is exposed to such harsh elements and heavy duty crushing or excavating capacities.


Equipment refurbishment and maintenance of mining equipment is a necessary component of the mining process. Equipment undergoes a great deal of traumatic impact in the mining field and processing lines. This is because harsh materials require harsh processing in forms of chemical, crushing, and refinery procedures. Equipment maintenance must be closely monitored to ensure that the functioning integrity of the machinery is never compromised. Equipment that has been repaired should be inspected by a professional or ideally, a team of professionals to make sure that repairs have been made correctly and adequately. The R-Stamp Certificate of Authorization assures machine operators, mine field workers, and machinery clients that the products made by repaired machinery are the same high quality products made in brand new machinery. R-Stamp Certificate of Authorization brings a standard of quality control to refurbished machinery in the mining equipment realm of production.


Value of the R-STAMP Certification in the mining industry

Equipment repairs are inevitable in the life of mining machinery. The mine machine bearing the R-Stamp Certificate of Authorization can be considered as good as, or even better than new. This is because it has been inspected by relevant professionals in the industry, ensuring that the repairs optimize safety, production, and the integrity of the mining industry as it relates to equipment standards. Equipment for mining must be carefully inspected before and after repairs, and there are times that modification and refurbishment of original design is necessary for mine machine capability expansion. Problems with these machines rarely arise when they are proactively serviced and routinely maintained. Equipment which has been repaired and bears the R-Stamp Certificate of Authorization has been supervised in all of these procedures by a qualified team of professionals for optimal production and safety standards.


Equipment mining can take a toll on the entire process if mine machines do not work properly. Safety is compromised with machinery that is prone to malfunction because it has not undergone appropriate inspection. Equipment manufacturing is a process which implies a sector for maintenance, repair, and refurbishment of existing machinery. When it is compromised by unexpected damages, or naturally eroded through the tough mining processes associated with the equipment, Equipment mining can be assured of quality and safety in all stages of production with a R-Stamp Certificate of Authorization. Machinists, manufacturers of mine equipment, and mine field workers depend upon qualified boards of professionals to deliver the stamp of approval for newly manufactured and repaired mining equipment, across the entire industry.