What is the Pressurized equipment directive certification

Pressurized equipment directive certification, or ped certification, is an essential authority in the field of pressurized equipment and machinery. Ped certification is conducted by a governing board of European equipment experts. High pressure vessels such as storage containers, steam powered generators and heat exchangers, some industrial mining equipment, and transport containers require regular maintenance and ped certification can help establish standardized criteria. This type of machinery is widely used in the mining industry, as part of the processing of materials phase.

Machinery mining implies the use of high powered materials, and processing these materials is of importance to equipment manufacturers. Ped certification is sought by manufacturers of equipment for mining and processing of mined materials. These machines require a close eye on each component of the machining process. The need for such close checks is necessitated by the harsh conditions to which the machinery is subjected, coupled with the demanding machinery process each machine undertakes in basic processing procedures. Mining machinery in particular must be monitored for safety and with preservation efforts in mind. Processing machinery must be kept productive with regular checks and routine maintenance.


Refurbishment of pressurized equipment

Equipment refurbishment is often needed in pressurized machinery, especially those in the processing industry. Machinery mining and processing industries depend upon must be safe and efficient. These machines withstand a great deal of pressure, element wear and tear, and exposure to harsh environmental factors. Mine machine tasks may include pressurized drills for initial excavation and processing transport holders for on site processing. On site processing machinery should be stamped with a ped certification to ensure that optimal safety and efficiency measures have been taken.


Other machinery tasks related to mine machinery include heating and gas storage. Oil, rubber, and other natural resources are mined and stored in pressurized vessels. Vessels which have been certified with a ped certification are assured to have achieved qualified standards of safety and efficiency. Equipment refurbishment may result in the need for a new ped certification. These are obtained with verified compliance orders. They send the message to consumers and mining machine operators that equipment manufactured by the best professionals in the industry has a ped certification to display excellence. 


Importance of the PED Certification 

Ped certification is obtained from the European board of professionals in equipment related to mining and processing industries. Certifications like this one are important for demonstrating the integrity and authenticity of the mining industry's commitment to safe mining procedures for miners, consumers, and the environment. These measures are set, standardized, and verified by the ped certification process. Equipment manufactures across the entire industry seek out the ped certification to communicate their level of machinery professionalism to the world. Ped certification specialists are also a helpful resource for machinery owners, manufacturers, and operators. They bring the expertise of quality control and modification procedures to the checks and balance team that should support all heavy duty industrial machinery. Energy efficiency and environmental concerns have raised awareness for the need for ped certification among other certifying boards for machinery related fields.